Apple Smart Keyboard for 12.9 inch iPad Pro

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    Apple Smart Keyboard for 12.9 inch iPad Pro

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    The Smart Keyboard adds even more flexibility to the iPad Pro 12.9", with new technologies that free you from switches, plugs and even pairing. Simply unfold the Smart Keyboard when you need it, and fold it up to a slim, lightweight cover for iPad Pro when you don't. The elegant yet durable design is made to withstand everyday use, coated in a water and stain resistant finish to protect from stains and spilling.

    The top layer is crafted from a sheet of highly durable custom-woven fabric that's laser ablated to form the shape of each key. The fabric also provides the spring-like tension for each key, eliminating the need for conventional mechanisms. At just 4 millimetres thin, the Smart Keyboard provides the accuracy, stability and satisfying key feel you expect.

    For a device as thin and durable as the Smart Keyboard, there's no reliance on traditional wires or components. By etching a paper-thin sheet of nylon with metal, we created a unique conductive material that allows for a two-way flow of power and data. This means there's no need to charge the Smart Keyboard, simply attach it to iPad Pro and start typing.

    iOS 9 works seamlessly with the Smart Keyboard, adding a variety of useful QuickType features to your iPad Pro.


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