Adam A77x and Antelope Satori Monitoring Bundle

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    Adam A77x and Antelope Satori Monitoring Bundle

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    This monitoring bundle comprises a pair of Adamm A77X monitor speakers, an Antelope Satori monitor controller and RS4 remote control.

    The A77X is a horizontally designed monitor that combines all of the technical innovations in the AX-Series. Due to its powerful, compression-free sound reproduction and excellent radiation characteristics, it is suitable both for nearfield and midfield monitoring.

    The special feature of the A77X is its 2 1/2-way system. Both 7" woofers start to work together at 38 Hz and at 400 Hz one woofer fades out and only the second woofer continues to operate in the midrange up to 3 kHz. This prevents interferences and possible phase cancellation in the critical midrange. Even though frequency transitions and potential distortions lie outside these areas, the human ear is particularly sensitive to midrange frequencies.

    Especially noteworthy in the A77X is the extremely wide stereo foundation and brilliant stereo imaging. Treble and mids are reproduced with three-dimensional realism and the lows are, as expected from a double woofer design, massive without compromising on precision.

    Satori is Antelope Audio's TEC award-winning monitor controller. Satori provides a monitoring solution that maintains sonic accuracy while routing and switching between source material, especially when the D/A is handled by the clear and natural-sounding Antelope family of converters. Antelope Audio's extensive background in designing pristine analog circuitry, highly optimized PCB layout and power supply technology result in mastering-grade transparency at a project studio price.


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    Monitor Specifications

    Speaker Type
    Low Frequency Driver
    High Frequency Driver
    Power Per Channel
    Frequency Range
    6392 - 29435
    Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

    Controls & Connectivity

    Acoustic Selector Switch

    Physical Description

    H 235mm W 530mm D 280mm
    Weight (kg)


    5 Year Limited Warranty

    What's in the Box

    A77X Speaker Power Cable
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